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Formidable panel of judges for body art contest logo

11/08/2013 | Budapest | Csillámvilág Body Art Kft.

The panel of judges for the biggest body art contest of its kind has just been announced. And it is a veritable who's who from the world of beauty and body art. Each of the two categories - facepainting and glitter tattoos - shall be judged by an illustrious jury that includes Guido Danielle (one of the best bodypainters in the world), Claire Pick and Julie Oliver (co-editors of Illusion magazine, who will vote as one), Anita Polgár-Zsilák (Chief Editor of Beauty Forum), and Krisztina Soós (founder of Short bios of the judges are included below.

Uniquely, this contest is completely online. Usually facepainting and glitter tattoo contests are organized at bodypainting festivals.

"Many amateur, aspiring, and even professional artists may not have the time or money to travel to these festivals," says Krisztina Soós, the CEO of CsillámVilág, the company behind the contest, "By taking everything - from announcement to submissions to results - online, we have leveled the playing field and enabled artists to compete worldwide."

Summer months see the peak of activity in facepainting and glitter tattoos as kids, adults and families head to pools, beaches, barbeques, open-air parties and music festivals. Unfortunately, practically all bodypainting festivals take place in the summer too - creating a dilemma for the artists, as to whether to focus on their peak-season earnings or compete in contests. CsillámVilág's online contest rids them of this false choice - now, they can do both!

"This is our way of spreading happiness and making the summer a little bit brighter in accordance with our company's motto - 'let's spread some smiles'", Ms. Soós says.

The details and submission form for the facepainting category is at and that for glitter tattoo category at The deadline for submissions is 25th August 2013, 23:59 CET

CsillámVilág Body Art Kft. is the leading supplier of glitter tattoo materials in Europe.

Guido Danielle

Guido Danielle

Global top bodypainter

Guido is best known for his hand-paintings, many of which appeared in advertisements for AT&T, WWF, Vogue, Galp, Fruit of the Loom, Stern and many others.

He graduated from Brera School of Arts in 1972, majoring in sculpture and then attended the Tankas school in Dharamsala, India until 1974.

He was awarded the 2007 Hero of the Year by Animal Planet television network.

Illusion magazine

Claire Pick & Julie Oliver

Editors of Illusion magazine

Claire and Julie are the founders and editors of Illusion magazine - the definitive bodypainting periodical.

Claire began her career as a beauty therapist before moving into face painting in 2002 because she says she “always found conventional make-up quite stifling and wanted to create bigger and crazier things”. Up until 1999, Julie was a tole painter before she sat next to a face painter at a craft fair and there and then “began a love affair with painting on a living canvas”.

Beauty Forum magazin

Anita Polgár-Zsilák

Chief Editor of Beauty Forum magazine

Anita is one of the most respected figures in the field of beauty and make-up in Hungary.

She is the Chief Editor of 3 magazines for beauty professionals: Beauty Forum, Haj és Stílus, and NailPro.

She is also the Director of Hungary's premier beauty trade-show, Beauty Forum, which has expanded into other countries in the region.

Krisztina Soós

Founder of

Krisztina is the founder of CsillámVilág Body Art Kft ( is a brand of CsillámVilág), the company behind the online bodypainting festival. CsillámVilág is the pioneer and leader in bodypainting supplies in Eastern Europe.

Krisztina is the first Hungarian member of the World Bodypainting Association. Apart from managing CsillámVilág, she speaks around the world on the mainstreaming of bodypainting.

Some of Guido Danielle's iconic work:

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