Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Press Release: €1000 contest for make-up artists and bodypainters

€1000 contest for make-up artists and bodypainters


23/07/2013 | Budapest | Csillámvilág Body Art Kft.

In the biggest contest of its kind, prizes worth over €1000 are up for grabs. The first prizes in each of the two categories (facepainting and glitter tattoos) include a 4-star wellness weekend for two at Hotel Makár in the beautiful city of Pécs, the 2010 European Culture Capital.

Uniquely, this contest is completely online. Usually facepainting and glitter tattoo contests are organized at bodypainting festivals.

"Many amateur, aspiring, and even professional artists may not have the time or money to travel to these festivals," says Krisztina Soós, the CEO of CsillámVilág, the company behind the contest, "By taking everything - from announcement to submissions to results - online, we have leveled the playing field and enabled artists to compete worldwide."

Summer months see the peak of activity in facepainting and glitter tattoos as kids, adults and families head to pools, beaches, barbeques, open-air parties and music festivals.

"In the summer when the sun is shining bright, the shiny and colorful glitter tattoos are incredibly attractive. Beauty enthusiasts love them," says Ms. Soós.

Unfortunately, practically all bodypainting festivals take place in the summer too - creating a dilemma for the artists, as to whether to focus on their peak-season earnings or compete in contests. CsillámVilág's online contest rids them of this false choice - now, they can do both!

"This is our way of spreading happiness and making the summer a little bit brighter in accordance with our company's motto - 'let's spread some smiles'", Ms. Soós says

The details and submission form for the facepainting category is at http://www.glitterify.me/competitions/summer-2013-facepainting-contest/ and that for glitter tattoo category at http://www.glitterify.me/competitions/summer-2013-glitter-tattoo-contest/ The deadline for submissions is 25th August 2013, 23:59 CET

Glitter tattoos have become very popular in the last couple of years. Irrespective of the name, they aren't tattoos - instead, skin-friendly glue is used to stick cosmetic-grade glitter onto the skin in interesting shapes. As they provide a simple way to increase income, more and more beauticians, make-up artists and nail artists offer glitter tattoos.

CsillámVilág is also offering a chance to win a 4* wine and wellness weekend, even to the regular beauty enthusiast. If you can't do facepainting or glitter tattoos yet, you can win a vacation by telling about this contest to your friends who can. Visit http://www.glitterify.me/competitions/the-queen-or-king-of-social-2013/ to share details of these contests and you are entered into a lucky draw. What's more, write about the contest on your blog, and and you get additional entries. The deadline for submissions is 18th August 2013, 23:59 CET.

CsillámVilág Body Art Kft. is the leading supplier of glitter tattoo materials in Europe.

If you'd like more information, or request an interview, please e-mail us at: media@glitterify.me

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